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When I left you at the end of Part I, I was on the way to Tacoma General. I have very vague memories of the transport and arrival there.

Sometime after the time I got to Tacoma General, Jean arrived back from her out of town trip, cut short by my predicament. Remember, I had not had anyone notify her. She actually found out from our neighbor, Stephanie, who texted her that she was praying for me. Jean, of course, asked her what she was talking about and found out that Stephanie’s husband, Tim, had seen them haul me off in the aid car.

I do remember the discussions of a triple bypass surgery to be done and I was lucid when a technician mapped veins on my right leg for harvest for the grafts, lucid enough to take a photo with my iPhone. LOL!

Technician maps veins in my right leg for possible harvest.

Technician maps veins in my right leg for possible harvest.

After that things get hazy again though I remember their planning to perform my bypass surgery on Thursday after giving my heart a chance to calm down. They were giving me a great deal of nitroglycerin which causes headaches and I do remember my head feeling like it would explode. Late Wednesday I was apparently headed down the toilet and they ended up doing an emergency bypass operation on me in the middle of the night. I vaguely remember them hurriedly prepping me and rushing me out for that.

Cue the sandman, and I was out.

–To Be Continued–