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When I left you at the end of Part III, I was about to be discharged and was waiting for Jean to arrive. When I called to inform her of my pending discharge I woke her up so she was a bit slow to get going.

When she arrived a nurse went thru pages of discharge papers with us both including instructions, followup appointments, prescriptions, etc. I signed off on the legal releases and we were on our way.

When we got home I was anxious to get a real shower tho when I was done I found I was completely exhausted so I laid down in my own bed for a nap after a 10 or 11 day absence. At the same time, my critters all seemed to want to be up against me which was so nice.

My energy level was truly awful for a couple of weeks. Doing anything exhausted me but I gradually built up some strength. When I had a followup appointment with my cardiologist he was generally positive about my outlook. At the followup with the surgeon I had a chest x-ray and they pronounced my sternum as well healed, my heart almost as good as new, and released me to drive again.

That felt so good!

–To Be Continued–