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Bob & Jean with HR
Jean, my dear bride, had been browsing motorhome ads for a while. I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to it but it built up to a crescendo that I could no longer pretend didn’t exist. After looking at some in various places we found one on consignment and negotiated a price below the blue book value and arranged financing.
HR Vacationer
One Tire Mounted
Oil Change
Front End Alignment
Beefed Up Left Side Spring

We bought the 1999 Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 36 (or 37) feet depending on which piece of paper I read, Ford V-10 powered, one slide, about 82k miles on the clock.

I got a front end alignment, a beefed up rear spring on the left due to a bit of a body sag. An oil change followed along with new drive tires.

Our first trip was to Westport WA, not terribly far from home. Before the trip we fueled the HR with Chevron gas. I added a suitable amount of Seafoam to the tank for 75 gallons prior to fueling. When we set up in Westport, the leveling jacks which had worked just fine so far, decided not to turn on. I checked the fuses and breakers I could find to no avail. Oh well, our site was level so we were fine. I deployed our awning but the wind was blowing so strong that I quickly stowed it. Without the jacks deployed the HR was swaying sometimes due to the wind. We slept very well and with full hookups the living was lush.

We spent the weekend walking, bicycling, enjoying the sights; Jean, her sister, and brother-in-law played games; I took photos and processed them.

We drove home on Sunday afternoon. Jean left immediately on a several day stay with friends down on the coast.

The next morning, Monday, I had a heart attack. I’m covering that experience in another series of blog posts.

Due to the heart attack and subsequent events, the summer became my “lost summer” and it was a while before we were able to venture out with the HR again.

Our next trip was to Leavenworth WA. I’ll leave that for my next blog post.

1st Trip - Westport
On Way Home