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Our 1999 H-R Vacationer has a single large awning. Though my previous wife and I had a class A motorhome for a while back in the ’80s, it was pretty basic, no awning, so I had no experience with them.

Our H-R came with a thick file of documentation but I could find nothing on the Colorada something or other awning. So I did some research on line and found enough info that I managed to deploy it once in front of our house though I didn’t understand exactly how to set the support arms correctly.

On our first trip down to Westport WA, a fishing town on the coast, in June 2013 my brother-in-law Terry educated me further and we deployed the awning.
1st Trip - Westport

Yes, I realize that I don’t have the upper arms in the correct position. In reality, it didn’t actually matter since the wind immediately started blowing so hard that I stowed the awning. Unfortunately, when I was stowing it, the wind whipped it and the strap used to deploy the awning was yanked out of my hand and rolled up sideways as the awning went in like an out of control window shade rolling up.

Aww shit, I thought. That’s gonna’ be a problem if I ever want to deploy the damn awning again.

Fast-forward past a couple of “health issues” to August and we’re in Leavenworth WA on our second motorhome outing, also with sister and brother-in-law. I showed Terry how I had no tab-line to pull the awning out since it had gone in sideways and disappeared within the awning roll.

We made several attempts to get the awning unrolled before succeeding. I ended up on the roof of the coach at the aft end of the awning with him standing on a picnic table at the forward end. We managed to unroll the awning far enough that the damn strap flopped out. WooHoo!

I got the awning deployed and the support arms set kinda’ right.


The latches that hold my support arms in the correct positions don’t latch very well so I need to check into replacing them but that’s for the future.

I did manage to stow the awning properly when we left.

Other problems encountered have been that for both our first two outings, my jacks didn’t work. The second trip found the slide out not working. After the second trip the coach went into the shop for repairs. The jack problem turned out to be dirty wiring connections. The slide issue was caused by sheared off shear pins on the drive. So they didn’t end up costing us that much to repair.