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I have traveled cross country many times, on motorcycle, by car, alone and not alone. There is a distinct rhythm on the road. One settles into a pattern of movement, rest, daylight, and dark.

I love two favorite times on the road.

If in the middle of nowhere, with little to no ambient light, the middle of night is beautiful and fascinating. Stopping and looking up reveals a sky full of stars not usually visible in our more populated areas. One night while crossing the Southern California desert into Arizona in our van on a very nearly abandoned I-10, I pulled off at one of the many exit ramps that seemingly go nowhere. After continuing over to the entrance ramp I pulled onto the shoulder and shut the van down.

As the kids slept in their seats behind us I asked Jean, “Hear that?”

She asked, “What?”

I replied, “Silence. Come on, get out with me.”

We exited the van into the chilly night. I told her, “Look up.”

She gasped as she looked up at the inky black sky filled from horizon to horizon with stars, distinct, crisply visible in the blackness. So densely packed in some areas they together became a smear of light.

Living in more densely populated areas as so many of us do, we miss out on such beauty.

My other favorite time on the road is daybreak. That time before sunrise when the stars fade and the sky begins to quicken always brightens my spirit. The heavens gradually brighten from black to bluish gray when there are no clouds, then to azure as the sun breaks the horizon. Of course if there are scattered clouds then you’re treated to nature’s color show of oranges and reds before the sun breaks the horizon.

Driving overnight finds that the couple of hours before sunrise are the most difficult to stay awake, stay alert. When the sky quickens and the sun rises I find myself rejuvenated, ready to look for breakfast.

We haven’t had the opportunity to drive the motorhome long distance as yet. I’m looking forward to the time I can step out of it, wherever we happen to be parked overnight, to see the star filled sky at night and the sunrise in the morning.