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The other night Jean’s reading me some weather forecasts from the southwest with their predicted warmer pleasant temps.

I ask, “Why do you think I want to take up snowbird travel as soon as we can?”

A couple of days ago she’s seeing some journal entries from road travelers and tells me something along the lines of, “Look at this place. There are so many places to see in this country.”

At that time I suggested, “That’s why I want to get on the road with the motorhome as soon as we can. We’ve driven cross country a number of times but we were always time limited and drove right past those kinda’ places or spent an hour looking at them. Wouldn’t it be nice to wander slowly, no schedule, and see that stuff, really see it?”

I hope that by the time we can, we’ll be in alignment.

When our almost 17y/o jumps ship, I want to travel, not necessarily just head south in the winter, stay in on place until spring then come back north. And I don’t want to be on the move every day or maybe even every week. I want to visit places and see them in depth, no hurry, no rush, no day filled sight seeing. Rather, I want to relax, see places at a comfortable pace, and when we move, maybe move a couple hundred miles. I’d want to take advantage of longer term rates at RV campgrounds. Maybe spend a few nights here, a few nights there in various state and national parks. I want to wander without being lost.