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We went by the coach, “hidden” in storage to check it, pick up purchase paperwork to pick the sales tax off of it, and run the V-10 and the generator.


We were pleased to see no indication of leakage, no musty aromas, etc. We’re storing it in the open with a window over the kitchen counter cracked about an inch and the bathroom roof vent cracked open for air flow.

I started the V-10 first. The chassis battery seems on the “weak” side and I needed to use the house batteries to assist it in cranking. As soon as I did that the Triton fired up immediately. The Onan generator wasn’t as “happy” and took more attempts before it fired up, ran, and settled into a nice running mode.

I let both the V-10 and the generator run for about 20 minutes before shutting everything down, locking up, switching off the main battery switches.

We need to look into replacing the chassis battery in the spring.

We also want to replace both the kitchen and shower area powered vents with new Fantastic vents – Looking at taking advantage of the $39 installation offer at Camping World to get these done.

Later peepsā€¦