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A Friday. A school snow day. It snowed about a half inch last night but it’s unusually cold for us, temps in the high teens and twenties so it stuck around on the roads leaving them very slick. So the school district cancelled school for today. We have a lot of hilly, twisty bus routes and the last thing the district wants is a bunch of lawyers in cheap K-Mart suits showing up after a bus filled with kids slides off the road into a ditch.Image

Though we stayed up late last night to watch the final Jay Leno Tonight show, I woke up fairly early. So it was onto the laundry I went. Three loads of clothes – lights, darks, jeans – now towels are in the washer.

Speaking of the Tonight Show – don’t understand the plan behind running Leno off. But then I’m not a high powered network exec. I just don’t find Jimmy Fallon nearly as funny as Leno but that’s just me.

I did send Jean the link to a blog entry from Oh, the Places They Go! so she could read it to see what I see in these blogs. She read it and enjoyed it, commenting that “There are so many places to see that we don’t even know about.”