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Well, the forecasts predict that we’ll get more snow in the area, whole I’m not so sure we’ll actually get it at the house it looks like the mountains will. The forecasts are for precipitation all up and down the west which will be quite a blessing. Pretty much everybody’s heard that Southern California is in a severe dry spell, and further North we’re way below typical snowpack levels. The jet stream bringing severe cold weather and snow down into so much of the country has been bypassing us, leaving us dry. So the snow will be very welcome.

Meanwhile as we wait for nicer weather, we are at least planning a long weekend trip to unlimber the motorhome in early April. I am so looking forward to it and I hope the intervening time passes as quickly as the last month and a half have flown by.

I guess I’ll pass the time sipping coffee and day dreaming. I really should get back on a regular routine on the treadmill though my innate laziness is quite a bit of inertia to overcome. LOL!