Our 22 year old daughter, student at UW needed to talk. i could tell that, it was clear by the sound of her voice on the phone when she called yesterday morning. She needs to make a decision about her major and about her current quarter classes. I asked her if she’d like me to come up so we can talk about it in person. She said yes.

Becca is not my biological spawn. She’s Jean’s daughter from her previous marriage. Her daughter whom I adopted when she was five years old. That was the soonest that we were able to get her biological father to cede his parental rights. Actually he traded his parental rights for a ring that his mother had given Jean when they married.

in actuality though, Becca is as much my daughter in all ways save genetics as any of my five natural born children. In many ways, she’s more like me than Jean’s and my daughter Margaret, almost seventeen years old.

Becca lives off campus, sharing a house with six other girls. When I arrived we walked down her street and around the corner to a really nice park where we headed up the walking trail. In reality, Becca had for the most part made a decision on how to proceed with her major and her current quarter. She just needed to talk it out, bounce it off me, get my opinion. I agreed with her prospective plan for it was well conceived, well developed, well thought out. Becca is very logical and thinks things out pretty methodically and I’m proud of that. Logical thinking and a good bullshit filter are two primary things I tried to model for and instill in my kids besides morals and ethics.

We walked about three miles, discussing her situation. i gave her the confirmation, the affirmation that she was seeking and then we walked to a Thai place for an excellent late lunch.

The traffic home sucked but I didn’t mind in the least. I enjoyed the time no end and wouldn’t trade those hours for anything.