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As an observer of the human condition, I can generally be certain of an ample load of amusement from politicians, politicians of all stripes. I have my own political views, of course, however those are not to be the subject of this screed.

Watching the after effects of the crazy weather in the east provides an abundant flow of boneheaded responses to the ensuing mess.

I note that when Atlanta was paralyzed a couple of weeks ago, the governor and mayor stepped up fairly well and issued mea culpas for poor preparation and response. Hell, this is nothing new. An inch of freezing rain basically puts the southeast in the ditch.

Contrasting this to NYC, when the mayor and chancellor of the schools decided to keep schools open in spite of the forecasted snow storms, they responded with defensiveness and bullshit when called out on that boneheaded decision. The mayor accused the NWS (national weather service) of fluffing the forecast. Now I’m not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer but I’m thinking that even as mayor of the largest US city, taking on the NWS is probably an error of tactics, not to mention getting Al Roker pissed off at you. The resulting Twitter exchange between the mayor and Roker was pretty funny. The chancellor even had the cajones to claim it was a beautiful day outside once the snow had stopped. Of course the fact that public transit, on which NYC students depend, was totally eff’d up by the snow that was on the ground under those more pleasant skies.

Here’s a clue to politicians everywhere…

When you eff up, admit it, apologize, voice your plan for correcting it, and move on. In most cases the public will forgive you, even if the media continues to try to ride that pony for a couple more days.