…we’ve got too many of them, dogs and cats that is.

With a balanced population on hand of five dogs and five cats our house is overrun. We started this run with a dog, Bandit, and a cat, Frosty. Then Jean thought I needed a Chihuahua to replace the one I had when she met me. Chico was a good little boy but had been gone for a few years when she surprised me with Koby, a little Black and Tan Chihuahua.

Later, when the humane society had a “sale” on Calicos, we got another cat. Emma was about a year old, white with calico splotches, a grossly deformed tail, and a great personality. Our orange tabby male came to accept her and we had two each, cats and dogs.

Sometime after that the entire situation spun completely out of control. A little apple headed red female Chihuahua, Margie, rescued from a puppy mill breeder came in. A cat, Zoey, my son couldn’t keep after moving joined the family. Another Shih Tzu, Teddy, joined us. Two more cats I begged not to get joined up. I was out of town at the time, Jean and Margaret wouldn’t listen to me, so in came Sissie and Missie. So we were up to five cats. Then I rescued a dog, whom I named Tommy, that was found wandering the highway outside my dad’s town in Tennessee.

So that’s the story behind our menagerie of five dogs and five cats. Teddy and Tommy stick to me pretty much like glue. Frosty wants to sleep up against my chest, right under my damn chin.

With Teddy and Tommy I can count on never being alone and that works for me since I like most dogs better than most, well at least a lot of people.