I feel so happy!

Before we departed Fort Worden State Park a few weeks ago, the black tank on H-R drained part way as normal then stopped. I heard a dribbling after that but that was all. Damn. Got a clog. Damn. Using the flush inlet didn’t seem to help. Damn.

I went ahead and drained the gray tank, flushed out the sewer hose, and closed’er up for the drive home. I did add some extra chemical to the tank before heading out. I was hoping the sloshing around and some time would correct the “problem”.

Since we’re headed to the Yakima Sportsman State Park in a couple of days, I picked up H-R from storage and drove it straight to a dump station. Paid my $5, put the hose end into the “receptacle”, connected the other end to H-R’s poop chute, and pulled the drain handle.

I heard flow, kinda slow at first but then it picked up! Oh man, what a relief! 

I was so not looking forward to escalating the situation.