Anticipation builds as we prep H-R for Yakima.


It’s very warm here (for us) in the low 90s and we’re heading to Yakima where it’s over 100º. Glad we’ll have a 50 amp hookup and functioning A/C.

Jean spent this morning carrying stuff down to H-R while I mowed the lawn which was a dusty job today since we’ve been without rain for several weeks. The grass is browning out where there’s lots of sun. The lack of rain doesn’t seem to bother the weeds as much.

With most everything in H-R, we’re finishing laundry so we can load our clothes and we’ll buy food tomorrow morning before we leave.

Planning to take US-12 over to Yakima. I detest I-90 and US-12 is actually interesting plus it’s more amenable to the 55 mph I prefer to run in H-R than the interstate.

Can’t wait to roll.