I realize that I am skipping from anticipating our trip to Yakima to the near end of our stay, but I just haven’t had the oomph to post about the trip yet.

At any rate, here I am at Sunday. We’ve been here at Yakima Sportsman State Park since Wednesday and it has been a wonderful experience. The campground was very lightly populated until Friday night, Saturday morning. Even after filling to capacity it has been a pretty mellow crowd, save for one incident in the tenting area across from us where a young guy with a beer fueled anger issue exploded providing a bit of drama. However it passed rather quickly as he departed.

I’ve been sitting outside in the cool morning air with my dog, my coffee, and my iPad since about 7:40 watching folks pack up and leave. My in-laws, who have been here in the spot next door to us since Wednesday will be departing today, too. Since Jean, still tucked in bed, and I are retired we’ll be staying until tomorrow.

I find it a bit sad to watch the small town of campers breaking down and dispersing to the wind. It starts as a rural area on Wednesday, builds to a small town for the weekend then, over a few hours on Sunday, reverts to a rural area.