When I was driving H-R back to storage after our last trip the “Service Engine” light lit up. Oh grand.

I’ve been wanting to have the spark plugs replaced so I decided to combine that with the service engine light correction.

Turns out the error code was for the DPFE – Differential Pressure Feedback Exhaust [Recirculation] – sensor which has a “history” on the Ford engines of our vintage – a 1999 Triton V10. It was redesigned after 1999 and changed from an aluminum housing to a plastic housing. The sensor has something to do with controlling the amount of exhaust being recirculated to the EGR something or other – enough details for me. The hoses related to this doohicky were also tired out.

So the sensor and hoses were replaced. 

In addition I had the spark plugs and plug boots replaced. Ford originally specified spark plug replacement at 100K miles on this V10 but later revised it to 60K miles. Our mechanic confirmed that I was correct in my assumption that the prior owner[s] of H-R hadn’t ever replaced the plugs as they were suitably crudded up. The boots always dry out over the miles so they were replaced with heavy duty boots.

I asked them to inspect and lube the suspension with a particular eye to how tight H-R’s front end is. They reported that the front end was tight but H-R had spit one of the donut bushings off of the rear sway bar. So they ordered up a couple of bushings and installed them. Rounding it out with a new fuel filter (again, doubting that it may have ever been replaced) and H-R was ready to come home.

With only 1,000 miles on a full synthetic oil change on both the V10 and the Generator those items were left alone.

So with my wallet $855 lighter I brought H-R home. Spending money on this kinda’ stuff comes with the purchase of a used coach with 82,000 or so miles on it. I’m looking forward to our next trip so we can see how it runs after the maintenance.