I’m Curious…



How does a jury find a man guilty of “Attempted 2nd Degree Murder” but hangs on the charge of “2nd Degree Murder”??

Just wondering…





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As an observer of the human condition, I can generally be certain of an ample load of amusement from politicians, politicians of all stripes. I have my own political views, of course, however those are not to be the subject of this screed.

Watching the after effects of the crazy weather in the east provides an abundant flow of boneheaded responses to the ensuing mess.

I note that when Atlanta was paralyzed a couple of weeks ago, the governor and mayor stepped up fairly well and issued mea culpas for poor preparation and response. Hell, this is nothing new. An inch of freezing rain basically puts the southeast in the ditch.

Contrasting this to NYC, when the mayor and chancellor of the schools decided to keep schools open in spite of the forecasted snow storms, they responded with defensiveness and bullshit when called out on that boneheaded decision. The mayor accused the NWS (national weather service) of fluffing the forecast. Now I’m not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer but I’m thinking that even as mayor of the largest US city, taking on the NWS is probably an error of tactics, not to mention getting Al Roker pissed off at you. The resulting Twitter exchange between the mayor and Roker was pretty funny. The chancellor even had the cajones to claim it was a beautiful day outside once the snow had stopped. Of course the fact that public transit, on which NYC students depend, was totally eff’d up by the snow that was on the ground under those more pleasant skies.

Here’s a clue to politicians everywhere…

When you eff up, admit it, apologize, voice your plan for correcting it, and move on. In most cases the public will forgive you, even if the media continues to try to ride that pony for a couple more days.





…we’ve got too many of them, dogs and cats that is.

With a balanced population on hand of five dogs and five cats our house is overrun. We started this run with a dog, Bandit, and a cat, Frosty. Then Jean thought I needed a Chihuahua to replace the one I had when she met me. Chico was a good little boy but had been gone for a few years when she surprised me with Koby, a little Black and Tan Chihuahua.

Later, when the humane society had a “sale” on Calicos, we got another cat. Emma was about a year old, white with calico splotches, a grossly deformed tail, and a great personality. Our orange tabby male came to accept her and we had two each, cats and dogs.

Sometime after that the entire situation spun completely out of control. A little apple headed red female Chihuahua, Margie, rescued from a puppy mill breeder came in. A cat, Zoey, my son couldn’t keep after moving joined the family. Another Shih Tzu, Teddy, joined us. Two more cats I begged not to get joined up. I was out of town at the time, Jean and Margaret wouldn’t listen to me, so in came Sissie and Missie. So we were up to five cats. Then I rescued a dog, whom I named Tommy, that was found wandering the highway outside my dad’s town in Tennessee.

So that’s the story behind our menagerie of five dogs and five cats. Teddy and Tommy stick to me pretty much like glue. Frosty wants to sleep up against my chest, right under my damn chin.

With Teddy and Tommy I can count on never being alone and that works for me since I like most dogs better than most, well at least a lot of people.



Annual CAT Scan

Annual CAT Scan

A few years ago I tossed a kidney stone painlessly. When I told my doc she sent me for a CAT scan to determine if I had any other stones lurking around. The scan didn’t disclose any more stones but it did show that a couple of lymph nodes were somewhat enlarged. After monitoring them with a bunch of scans the oncologist let me cut back to an annual scan to check them. Had my scan this morning. Will see the oncologist on March 7th.

Annual Physical

imageHad my annual physical today. I’m alive, probably will be for awhile. My HbA1c (long term blood glucose level) was 6.0 which is excellent for a Type II Diabetic like me. My other lab numbers are all OK, too.

The “worst” part of a man’s physical again demonstrated one reason why having a woman GP is a good thing – small hands.

So until next time, Woo Hoo!


Long Walk, Long Talk

Our 22 year old daughter, student at UW needed to talk. i could tell that, it was clear by the sound of her voice on the phone when she called yesterday morning. She needs to make a decision about her major and about her current quarter classes. I asked her if she’d like me to come up so we can talk about it in person. She said yes.

Becca is not my biological spawn. She’s Jean’s daughter from her previous marriage. Her daughter whom I adopted when she was five years old. That was the soonest that we were able to get her biological father to cede his parental rights. Actually he traded his parental rights for a ring that his mother had given Jean when they married.

in actuality though, Becca is as much my daughter in all ways save genetics as any of my five natural born children. In many ways, she’s more like me than Jean’s and my daughter Margaret, almost seventeen years old.

Becca lives off campus, sharing a house with six other girls. When I arrived we walked down her street and around the corner to a really nice park where we headed up the walking trail. In reality, Becca had for the most part made a decision on how to proceed with her major and her current quarter. She just needed to talk it out, bounce it off me, get my opinion. I agreed with her prospective plan for it was well conceived, well developed, well thought out. Becca is very logical and thinks things out pretty methodically and I’m proud of that. Logical thinking and a good bullshit filter are two primary things I tried to model for and instill in my kids besides morals and ethics.

We walked about three miles, discussing her situation. i gave her the confirmation, the affirmation that she was seeking and then we walked to a Thai place for an excellent late lunch.

The traffic home sucked but I didn’t mind in the least. I enjoyed the time no end and wouldn’t trade those hours for anything.





Winter in the PNW


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Well, the forecasts predict that we’ll get more snow in the area, whole I’m not so sure we’ll actually get it at the house it looks like the mountains will. The forecasts are for precipitation all up and down the west which will be quite a blessing. Pretty much everybody’s heard that Southern California is in a severe dry spell, and further North we’re way below typical snowpack levels. The jet stream bringing severe cold weather and snow down into so much of the country has been bypassing us, leaving us dry. So the snow will be very welcome.

Meanwhile as we wait for nicer weather, we are at least planning a long weekend trip to unlimber the motorhome in early April. I am so looking forward to it and I hope the intervening time passes as quickly as the last month and a half have flown by.

I guess I’ll pass the time sipping coffee and day dreaming. I really should get back on a regular routine on the treadmill though my innate laziness is quite a bit of inertia to overcome. LOL!




A Friday…


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A Friday. A school snow day. It snowed about a half inch last night but it’s unusually cold for us, temps in the high teens and twenties so it stuck around on the roads leaving them very slick. So the school district cancelled school for today. We have a lot of hilly, twisty bus routes and the last thing the district wants is a bunch of lawyers in cheap K-Mart suits showing up after a bus filled with kids slides off the road into a ditch.Image

Though we stayed up late last night to watch the final Jay Leno Tonight show, I woke up fairly early. So it was onto the laundry I went. Three loads of clothes – lights, darks, jeans – now towels are in the washer.

Speaking of the Tonight Show – don’t understand the plan behind running Leno off. But then I’m not a high powered network exec. I just don’t find Jimmy Fallon nearly as funny as Leno but that’s just me.

I did send Jean the link to a blog entry from Oh, the Places They Go! so she could read it to see what I see in these blogs. She read it and enjoyed it, commenting that “There are so many places to see that we don’t even know about.”